How we are organized

The Bonn/Rhine-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public law corporation. Anyone who is commercially active in the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region is automatically a member. Exceptions are firms in the skilled trades and agriculture, which have their own chambers. The CCI is financed by membership fees from its member companies.

The supreme body of the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg is the General Assembly, the 'parliament of business'. Its members are elected every five years by the member companies.

The General Assembly elects the president and nine vice-presidents from its members. In addition, committees are formed in which questions on specific themes such as foreign trade, taxes, law, environmental protection or new technologies are considered. The General Assembly, president and committees act on an honorary basis.

The permanent staff of the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg is managed by an executive director, who is appointed by the General Assembly. Together with the president, the executive director represents the chamber externally. The permanent members of staff work in departments which are arranged according to fields of reference.