What we do

The CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg advises

Counseling is one of the key services offered by the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). For example, the CCI advises on

  • starting a business;
  • securing the company's location. When dealing with the planning authorities, it looks after the company's interests in preparing land utilization and development plans;
  • questions of vocational training and questions of continuation training;
  • exports and imports. It has extensive knowledge of the wide range of laws and regulations and is an expert on tax and customs questions, on problems involving contracts and the international buying and selling of goods;
  • in the use of new technologies;
  • questions on all aspects of information and communication technology;
  • the exploitation of patents;
  • environment problems. Environmental consultants can provide you with help on all environmental protection matters;
  • company succession;
  • companies in economic difficulties.

The CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg arranges

Other key areas of the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's acitvities:

  • Starting a new business, in technology transfer and in the search for cooperation partners.
  • Business networking.
  • Business contacts with regional companies are created by 'Firmen im Netz', a database on the CCI's website.
  • The CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg maintains a wide range of contacts all over the world. The 80 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Germany work closely together with German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) on all continents.
  • New businesses also benefit from the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's activities as a commercial mediator. Via its New Business exchange, company owners can seek partners and successors.
  • For anyone seeking a partner to cooperate on the development of new technologies, the Technology and Cooperation Exchanges (German language version only) provide guidance. And the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's Recycling Exchange ensures that no material is disposed of that could be economically used by another company.
  • With its Thesis Exchange (German language version only), the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg brings university and practice closer together.
  • The Rhenish Commodity Exchange is specialized in the trade and, in particular, on business practices for agricultural products and with price fixing. The Rhenish Real Estate Exchange is the marketplace for landed property for commercial and private use.

The CCI examines...and supervises

The legisators have passed on a wide range of examination responsibilities to the chambers of commerce and industry. For example, the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg examines

  • over 10.000 apprentices and 5.000 participants in continuation training courses each year;
  • the qualifications of experts before they are publicly appointed and sworn in by the CCI;
  • the correctness of a company's entry in the Commercial Register, as well as the origin of goods, which are intended to be shipped abroad only temporarily.

The CCI informs

Anyone who knows more is more successful. The CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's services ensure that businessmen and their employees are always up-to-date. The CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg provides information e.g.

  • about data and facts of the regional economic structure;
  • about the economic position of companies in the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's district;
  • about available commercial and industrial estates in the cities and municipalities in the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg's district in its structure atlas;
  • Company addresses for the making of new business contacts can be obtained from the service centres. Searches can be made for products and services nationwide.

The CCI arbitrates

In business, differences of opinion never be eintirely ruled out - between retailers and consumers, but also between competitors themselves. Here again, the CCI can help.

  • E.g. when businessmen hold different opinions on questions of fair trading. The settlement office for fair trading disputes has often helped to avoid an expensive legal process.
  • If damages are to be assessed, a professional dispute to be settled out of court, or the condition of an object to be ascertained for the purposes of evidence, the CCI appoints qualified experts. If necessary, a search can be conducted throughout Germany to find the right expert. Experts who are “publicly appointed and sworn-in” by the CCI, distinguish themselves with their outstanding specialist knowledge and trustworthiness.

The CCI expresses its opinion

Opinions and recommendations made by the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg Chamber of Commerce and Industry have a sound basis. It speaks out whenever the interests of commercial business need to be represented in public life. For example, the CCI expresses its opinion

  • with regard to promoting the economic structure of the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region. In doing so, it works closely with the responsible offices for economic development in the cities and urban districts;
  • about protecting the environment: it advocates that the need of environmental protection get the consideration they deserve. After all, a healthy environment is a key locational aspect;
  • about urban planning and renewal and in the development of the region. An attractive hinterland is part of a successful business location;
  • about the planning of municipal authorities as well as the state and federal governments. Attractive cities, adequate space for commercial developement, good traffic connections and sufficient parking spaces are preconditions for business success;
  • about new laws and regulations, on municipal authorities' budget planning. When it is a question of trade, fair competition and taxation legislation, the CCI Bonn/Rhine-Sieg supports the Confederation of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) (mostly German language version) in representing the interests of business. When city and urban district councils decide in their budgets, it makes its recommendations - and offers constructive criticism;
  • about the basic principles of the market economy: the CCI supports the free market and competition as the basis for prosperity and employment;
  • about competition between private and municipal companies;
  • about the abolition of government monopolies.