Future outlook

Top tier research institutes, universities, highly qualified school graduates, renowned companies and global players, a high number of business start-ups including offshoot businesses from universities and research institutes, a varied range of cultural and leisure activities and a charming landscape guarantee an attractive location for business, science and research now and in the future.

Another future prospect for the development of the City of Bonn, and therefore also for the region as a whole, is the development of Bonn as an international city and location for international political institutions (for example the UN Campus).

There are now 20 UN organizations in the region with over 1000 staff. The renovated "Langer Eugen", the building where German Members of Parliament used to have their offices, was handed over to the United Nations to house some of the their organisations.

The World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) is now open for business. The unique and historical site featuring the Bonn plenary, the old Federal Parliament Building and the “Wasserwerk”, as well as a new modern building with a capacity of up to 5000 visitors make for an attractive site for congresses, conferences and events.