Accessibility, transport links

The transport links in the Bonn/Rhine-Sieg region are very well developed. The region can be reached by water, land and air.

The A61 (Venlo/Speyer) autobahn and the A3 (Köln/Frankfurt) link the region to a road network that spans the whole of Europe.

The ICE3 train, which can be boarded at Siegburg/Bonn, transports travelers to and from the region at speeds of up to 300 km/hour. The high speed trains take less than 37 minutes for the 150 km journey to Frankfurt.

Cologne/Bonn Airport and also the nearby airports at Düsseldorf and Frankfurt enable travelers to fly quickly to destinations all over the world.

Bonn's port on the river Rhine is an inexpensive alternative for the global transport of heavy and bulky goods. Containers and bulk solids in particular can be brought in and out of the country at reasonable cost. The goods can arrive in Rotterdam within just 12 hours, from where they can be shipped anywhere in the world.